A. M. D'Angelo

Hello, my name is A. M. D’Angelo

I 'm a person who likes to engage in creative activities, such as writing, photography, music and art. While my interests vary, I tend to be prepossessed by the 1980's, obsolete consumer electronics, and niche pop-culture. You can find some of work for sale here.

"The year is 1999. A small (purposely) unnamed town in Maine or aka, well, the middle of nowhere. One creative writing project, a lifetime of mistakes told through epistolary form, because, well…whatever.

A dark comedy (of sorts), Saturday Mornings Forever recounts firsthand the (mis)adventures of Charlie Bluesmith, a (somewhat) young woman who, after failing to become a (professional) playwright in Los Angeles, moves back in with her mother to their small hometown in Maine. Attempting to (re)build her life, Charlie enrolls (back) in college as part of completing her (unfinished) transformation before the century’s end, and thus, the year is 1999 when her class project, Saturday Mornings Forever begins."

If you're interested, check me out at: www.amdangelo.com

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